Accelerated Invisalign®

What is Accelerated Invisalign, and How Does it Work?

This accelerated process works in as little as 5 minutes a day. The process works by causing gentle vibrations in the mouth, and increasing bone metabolism, which in turn, allows for faster tooth movement. You simply slip a vibrating mouthpiece in your mouth; it works directly with your Invisalign aligners, and in up to 20 minutes each day, you’ll be gently shifting your teeth into place faster. This type of tooth movement and realigning of the proper bone structure can help to reduce your overall orthodontic treatment time substantially. Also, studies have shown that it can reduce the discomfort associated with tooth movement.

Though this type of treatment is relatively new, it’s already become a big hit with people who are in a hurry to finish their treatment. The biggest benefit people tend to rave about is the fact that it can comfortably make a huge difference in the overall time spent on improving your teeth.

Most people choose Invisalign in the first place to avoid the unfortunate stigmas and stereotypes that can come with traditional braces. Invisalign offers clear aligners that you can actually take out as needed, so they’re already much more discrete option than traditional metal braces. But to reduce the overall time it takes to complete your treatment is why accelerate Invisalign continues to grow in popularity.

Accelerated Invisalign can speed up tooth movement by up to 50% throughout your orthodontic treatment. Imagine only having to wear aligners for one year, instead of two, etc. With no negative side effects to speak of, this gentle motion provided by the mouthpiece is a great way to make your orthodontic treatment process even more customized to fit your individual needs.

The VPro5 is an at-home device used throughout your course of Invisalign or Orthodontic treatment.

Patients wear it for only 5 minutes per day, usually right before bedtime. The Propel VPro5 delivers maximum results faster than traditional Invisalign and helps give patients a beautiful smile.

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